II Laghetto restaurant is situated on the High street in Ewel Village, just on the corner facing the High Street and the Church Street. It retains the feel of being a local neighborhood Italian restaurant. Il Laghetto restaurant is on a grade II listed building, situated in the Ewell Conservation Area, belonging to the oldest buildings in the village dating back to the Romans, with numerous aspects that have been conserved, from the original fireplace to the 16th Century and with all the beams exposed. It is a pleasure to be seated to have a meal with all these surroundings. Il Laghetto restaurant was opened in October 2006 by Antonio and his wife Senhorinha. The food is traditional Italian, but revisited in a modern way by their talented chef Donato Sepe who comes from South of Italy bringing the real taste of Italy to Il Laghetto, his passion for food have created a superb menu. It is a reliably good Italian restaurant serving up all the classic pasta and risotto dishes you would expect. The menu includes pastas, risottos, grilled meat, and fish dishes, and we serve good quality, simple and freshly prepared dishes.

Il Laghetto works on four main menus: set lunch (Tues-Sat), set dinner (Tues-Thur), the Sunday lunch and the A la carte menu. The restaurant present authentic Italian dishes in contemporary surroundings and aim to use only the freshest and finest ingredients, such as single vineyard extra virgin olive oil, Parma ham and buffalo mozzarella, imported from Italy to provide exactly the kind of rustic, traditional dishes one would expect to find traveling around its regions. Our wine list consists of purely regional Italian wines, beers and liqueurs, all carefully chosen to complement the menu, and in addition, every table receives a complimentary shot of any liqueur.

For those wanting to satisfy their sweet tooth, there is tiramisu, authentic Italian dessert with light sponge soaked in espresso and rum, layered with mascarpone cheese, eggs and dusted with cocoa powder, as well many others home made desserts, such as crème caramel, crème brule, pannacotta, along with a range of Italian coffees.